Immune Support Probiotics with Vitamin C & Zinc + Probiotics

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The common cold/flu is one of the most prevalent issues we deal with – whether traveling, taking care of our kids, or at the office, your immune system is working hard to keep you healthy. Several probiotic strains have been shown to boost your body’s natural immunity, and in combination with Vitamin C and Zinc, as well as a sophisticated blend of natural immune-support ingredients, can help boost your body’s natural immunity as well as your digestive system.
Pro-Daily Immunity comes preloaded with a prebiotic to help maximize the growth of healthy immune-boosting probiotics in one dose.
Pro-Daily Immunity is the perfect supplement to take during times when your immune system needs extra help, and because no refrigeration is required, it is easy to take with you wherever you’re going.
The capsule itself is a delayed-release vegetable capsule, developed and tested in a NSF certified facility. The potency and purity is guaranteed.
Not all probiotics can help you with cold and flus, which is why we chose the 10 specific strains specifically shown to boost your immunity. It has been shown that this blend can not only help prevent, but also reduce the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms.

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